CEO (Chief Executive Officer)

Miami, United States

We are a startup focused in the creative & professional service industry. We need hiring for a CEO that possesses experience in raising/securing funding. He or she must have a winning persona and a proven track record. Please note this is not a salaried position but rather an equity-based position. Equity details to be discussed further with the right candidate. This position is Virtual (Remote)


  • Provide inspired leadership company-wide.

  • Make high-level decisions about policy and strategy.

  • Report to the board of directors and keep them informed.

  • Develop and implement operational policies and a strategic plan.

  • Act as the primary spokesperson for the company.

  • Develop the company's culture and overall company vision.

  • Help with recruiting new staff members when necessary.

  • Create an environment that promotes great performance and positive morale.

  • Oversee the company's fiscal activity, including budgeting, reporting and auditing.


You must have

  • More than 5 years experience and knowledge of:

  • Industry experience.

  • Bachelor's degree or master degree in relevant discipline or MBA.

  • Experience in a senior management position.

  • Knowledge of profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting.

  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and the workforce.

  • Understanding of human resources and personal management.

  • Proven negotiation skills.

  • Ability to inspire confidence and trust.

  • Ability to work under pressure, plan personal workload effectively and delegate.

 What's the best thing about this job? 

  • If you are one of the professionals who are curious about new technologies and the possibilities of creating them. You will enjoy working with us and in collaboration with a team to creatively analyze and solve complex problems. We want to transform the way we work inside for the better experience we provide on the outside. This is largely due to our entrepreneurial attitude and spirit of collaboration that distinguishes us and keeps our colleagues passionate, motivated and satisfied.

            Compensation & Benefits

          • Holiday.
          • Annual training plan.
          • Referral Program
          • Commission and productivity bonuses.
          • Sick leave, and permit for study or training, prenatal, marriage.