Marketing Coordinator

Miami, United States

Lead design and implementation of comprehensive external marketing and communications strategies to effectively position the Company, maximize demand for our products, and stimulate response within targeted audiences within the equipment industry marketplace. This position is Virtual (Remote)


  • Define and implement brand identity development program.

  • Effectively align all Company internal and external communications efforts with an accepted brand strategy.

  • Develop and implement consistent product branding and marketing strategy and communications.

  • Ensure message alignment, quality, creativity, and brand strategy consistency across all media.

  • Maximize awareness, response rates and lead generation.

  • Serve as an effective Company spokesperson and ombudsman as necessary.


  • Implement effective corporate communications strategy and process.

  • Ensure message alignment, quality, creativity, and brand strategy consistency.

  • Write, edit, manage approval processes where necessary and oversee production and distribution.

  • Existing customer and/or vendor relationships and previous participation in industry associations and trade shows are major advantages.


You must have

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection. An optimal desktop or laptop for the development of your activities in the position. 

  • College degree required or equivalent experience.

  • Senior-level experience in communications management leadership, with particular emphasis on marketing strategy and implementation.

  • Proven track record of driving project performance for success. Demonstrated record of achieving exceptional results.

  • Superior analytical, negotiation, presentation and writing skills.

  • Strong history of superior human relations skills dealing sensitively and effectively with others, setting and monitoring goals, building effective business relationships and motivating peers and associates.

Compensation & Benefits

  • Holiday.

  • Annual training plan.

  • Referral Program

  • Commission and productivity bonuses.

  • Sick leave, and permit for study or training, prenatal, marriage.