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we offer?

Alternative solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, in order to achieve their objectives and achieve success.

The BPOV (Business Professional Outsourced Virtually) work modality is the best path for the successful development of any company. We are living in a digital era, the world is migrating to digital platforms.

We are experts in the implementation of BPOV. That is, we find for you the professionals you need within your company, but who work remotely. This will allow you to optimize your company while reducing administrative and operational costs.
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of personal 

We capture, select, verify and introduce personnel directly in our payrolls to assign the right talent to our clients, under their control and our supervision.

This service allows our clients:

  • Minimization of your employer risk.
  • Greater flexibility in payroll management.
  • Timely and successful solution to your personnel requirements.
  • Reduction in administrative and operational costs.
  • Time to play the strategic role of human management.

made easy!

With Neurolink People we are creating a unique work network first in its class. We focus on selecting the job that best suits the skills, talents and requirements of our applicants. In this way we ensure that their capabilities are fully developed within the company in which they will perform. We understand the needs of each client, which is why we have a global database of specialists and professionals that fit the guidelines of each company.

Let experience become the best teacher of your career!
Apply and get your ideal job today.

with us!

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